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See why parents are calling RMS one of the best magnet elementary schools in CT

"The Reggio Emilia approach has enhanced my daughter’s life in such a positive way. I have seen great growth academically and socially. She is a responsible learner, cares about herself and her friends, and is interested in helping the community.

At Riverside Magnet School, I know that my daughter has a voice. If she feels upset, has an issue with a friend, or frustrated with her work, she always tries her best, rarely gives up, and there is a support system to get her through it.  

RMS is our family’s cheerleader, and that help means a lot."

tiffany, RMS Parent

"The growth my child has shown since attending RMS is incredible. He has become more vocal in his ability to advocate for himself and has learned strategies that allow him to be more productive at school and home. The staff is energetic, caring, and creative. They allow the students to explore a variety of different programs and options. If they see a need for something in the school, they find a way to incorporate it. "

john, RMS Parent

"I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. I am so grateful to have the RMS village helping to educate my children and help them grow into kind, caring, empathetic people. I enjoy that RMS thrives on family partnerships and engages parents in their child’s learning. The communication between the RMS teachers and parents is above and beyond my expectations. I am thankful that I can have honest, open, and informative conversations at home with my children about their school day with these strong communications."


"RMS has saved one of my son's educational life, and my other son is excited to go to school every day."

sandy, RMS Parent

Samantha, RMS parent and son

"With students from so many different towns, RMS provides a better experience and allows my child to be around other students that he would not meet at his hometown school. He can learn things from others and I think that’s the beauty of RMS — so many different communities coming together as one."


"I have noticed a tremendous development and unlimited creativity in my children since they started school. My children want to go to school. The teachers embrace them, and they are learning to think for themselves."

Chonnakarn, RMS Parent

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"I know my daughter is exactly where she should be. I can’t imagine a school where students would get a better start, or where they would be more respected as young learners."

Susan, RMS Parent

Keatric, RMS parent and daughters

"When I walked into Riverside Magnet School for the first time, I was at a loss for words. I noticed the positive, community-driven atmosphere right away."

Keatric, RMS Parent

Kara, RMS parent and family

"While the schools in our district are wonderful, we felt that Riverside Magnet School was the best choice for our family because of the diversity of students and staff and the Reggio Emilia approach to learning."

Kara, RMS Parent

"I was attracted to Riverside Magnet School for my daughter primarily because of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. I soon found that the school exceeded my expectations."

tisa, RMS Parent

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