connecticut magnet elementary school with diversity


An educational experience that inspires

Riverside Magnet School brings students together from various backgrounds across the state, encouraging and empowering students to be thoughtful leaders in the classroom and community.

Not only is our student body diverse — our academics are too! 

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach allows your child to engage in hands-on academics through theme-based projects that enable them to explore their individual interests throughout the school year.

We believe a diverse magnet school and the right educational environment can enhance your child’s learning experience and set the stage for future success. Together, our families and teachers can work towards each child’s life-long love of learning.

A foundation of family and community involvement

As a caregiver, you are an essential partner in your child’s academic experience, and we believe you help bridge the gap between home and school.

Riverside Magnet School is an inclusive magnet school proud to offer parents access to learning resources and culturally safe spaces allowing for meaningful connections with other families. Many of our parents have joined our Parent Book Clubs, Community Councils, and volunteer initiatives.

Through a balanced approach of celebrating uniqueness and supporting unity, Riverside Magnet School proudly prepares students for a lifetime of academic achievement.


"We like that the school teaches students to take care of themselves, others, and the environment. At an early age, RMS helps kids realize that they are an essential part of a community. We like that our children are going to school with children from other communities all across Connecticut, providing our children a more rich and diverse experience than they would be exposed to in our hometown."

jennifer & sean, RMS PARENTs

"When I walked into Riverside Magnet School for the first time, I was at a loss for words. I noticed the positive, community-driven atmosphere right away."


"With students from so many different towns, RMS provides a better experience and allows my child to be around other students that he would not meet at his hometown school. He can learn things from others and I think that’s the beauty of RMS — so many different communities coming together as one."

samantha, RMS PARENT

"While the schools in our district are wonderful, we felt that Riverside Magnet School was the best choice for our family because of the diversity of students and staff and the Reggio Emilia approach to learning."


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