Riverside Community Council (RCC)

Our mission

Members of the Riverside Community Council work to:

  • Build a strong bridge from home to school through families’ involvement beyond the classroom
  • Foster a welcoming school community and culture
  • Engage the entire school community in ongoing dialogue that advances the quality of RMS
  • Support a passionate focus on the success of all students in becoming life long learners
  • Create opportunities for collaboration between families, school staff, Goodwin University and the broader local community
  • Advocate for RMS Reggio Emilia inspired magnet school and its core values

Our vision

The RMS Community Council (RCC) serves as a forum for families, teachers, staff and administrators to share ideas, support learning, sustain a vibrant school community and help shape the future direction of Riverside Magnet School (RMS).

Frequently asked questions

Executive board members

Co-presidents: Jennifer Nadeau and Co-President: Jessica Rossignol
Treasurer:  Laura Ewell 
Fundraising Chair: Katie Vallier 
Secretary:   Vacant 

Family Engagement Chair: Vacant 

We are currently looking for new families to join us. If anyone has questions or is interested in learning more to contact us at our email, RiversideMagnetCC@gmail.com 

Email: RiversideMagnetCC@gmail.com