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At Riverside Magnet School, we pride ourselves on being a community that cares — not only about your child's hopeful future but about their health and overall well-being too.

Below you will find seven courteous considerations and a brief list of required immunizations and exams to keep your child and our school as safe as possible.


Donna Oliver RN
School Nurse Grades PK3 thru 5th grade

Phone: 860-709-6812 | Fax: 860-263-7839


Marsharee Fearon

Health Aide PK3 thru 5th grade


When to keep your child home

Deciding when a child is too sick to go to school can be a difficult decision for parents to make. When trying to decide, use the guidelines below and seek the advice of your health care provider. Please do not send your ill or injured child to school and ask the nurse to “check him/her out”. If you think your child needs assessment, contact their health care provider,

  1. If your child has a temperature of 100.0F or greater he/she must stay home. Your child cannot return to school until the fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without medication.
  2. If your child has diarrhea, he/she should stay home until the diarrhea has passed.
  3. If your child vomited during the night, he/she should stay home until there is no vomiting for 24 hours and they are able to tolerate a meal.
  4. If your child woke up with one or both eyes red, sealed with discharge, and/or is itchy or painful, he/she should stay home and be seen by their health care provider. If prescribed an antibiotic eye drop, he/she may return after 24 hours of use.
  5. If your child is complaining of severe sore throat they should stay home and be seen by their health care provider. If an antibiotic is prescribed, he/she may return after 24 hours of use.
  6. If your child has severe cold symptoms with thick discharge, especially green discharge, from the nose or has a wheezing, croupy cough they should stay home.
  7. If your child has an unknown rash he/she should stay home and be evaluated by their health care provider. If prescribed an antibiotic they may return after 24 hours of use. Please cover any open or oozing sores.

In the event that your child does not have a fever, if they are exhibiting negative changes in behavior, temperament, or classroom performance due to various health concerns (i.e. fatigue, colds, constipation, etc.) you may be called to pick up your child. Please consider the health of your child and the other children in the class before sending your child back to school.

The following is a list of immunizations required by the State of Connecticut

  1. DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus): Series of 3 plus a booster after the age of four.
  2. POLIO (ORAL or IPV): At least 3 doses…the third or final must be after age four.
  3. MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella): 2 doses for children entering kindergarten.
  4. HIB: Children below age 5 prior to school entry must show proof of at least 1 HIB vaccine after their 1st birthday.
  5. Hepatitis B: 3 doses for children entering pre-K and kindergarten.
  6. Varicella: Any child born after January 1, 2010 or later must show proof of immunity via immunization or medical history per the physician or serologic proof.
  7. Pneumococcal: 1 dose on or after 1st birthday.
  8. Flu shot: This is no longer a requirement in kindergarten, but if your child has a chronic disease such as asthma, it is strongly recommended.

Your child will also need to have the following completed:

  • A physical exam is required along with a Hemoglobin or Hematocrit.
  • A dental exam (teeth and gums) is necessary (can be done by physician or dentist).
  • If an immunization is not indicated for either medical or religious reasons, this must be indicated in writing. A doctor must document the medical exclusion.

Clothing request

We are looking for new or gently used clothing for our older students in grades 1-5 that includes shirts, socks, underwear, and pants for children that may need a change of clothing. Please drop items off to the nurse’s office. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

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