Meet the Principal 

Welcome to Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin University. I am truly honored to serve as the principal of this wonderful school. As a former elementary school teacher, instructional coach and assistant principal, I am excited to unite my experiences and my child centered approach to support our scholars and school community. 

Our mission and vision as a Reggio Emila inspired school, is to foster meaningful and authentic learning experiences guided by student interest and voice. Families are seen as an integral part of the learning process as the child's first teacher and our classrooms serve as an extension of our outdoor community. 

At Riverside Magnet School, we provide our youngest learners with a pathway to continue their educational careers after fifth grade. It is our hope that once scholars complete their fifth grade year at Riverside Magnet School, they will continue their learning at Connecticut River Academy during their middle and high school years and earn their degree at Goodwin University. 

As your principal, I am committed to keeping scholars at the forefront of every decision we make as a school and will continue to build meaningful relationships that support academic and social growth with all scholars, staff and families. 

I welcome your conversation, feedback and questions. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about Riverside Magnet School. 

In Partnership,

Kimberlee Matthews



Meet the Assistant Principal 

Dear RMS Community,

I am honored to serve as the Assistant Principal for Riverside Magnet School. My background is in the elementary grades, with a focus on literacy and multilingual learners. My work has always been grounded in ensuring equitable opportunities and high expectations for all scholars. 

At RMS, we take a child-centered approach, honoring the interests and thoughts of each scholar. This creates a learning environment where each child feels both challenged and valued. I am committed to moving the work of our school forward through authentic and meaningful learning experiences grounded in our values of: community, consideration, collaboration, challenge, connection and creativity. These core values help us to serve our scholars in all aspects of learning and growing - academic, physical, social and emotional.

I am a firm believer in the power of partnerships and collaboration. I look forward to working closely with family and community members to support the growth and success of each child at Riverside Magnet School.

In partnership,

Meaghan Freeman